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About No More Sidelines Kent County

Live. Learn. Grow. No More Sidelines, Kent County is a chapter of No More Sidelines, Lakeshore. It originally began as a place where Cyndi Blair created Friendship, Community, and Team for her daughter and others who found themselves "sidelined" by society's expectations.

What We Do

No More Sidelines creates experiences for people of all abilities to participate in LIVING, LEARNING and GROWING. We partner with existing organizations, as well as churches, schools, and businesses to create brand new opportunities for ALL, to LIVE outside of comfort zones, LEARN things never expected, and GROW in ways never before imagined.

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Who We Are

No More Sidelines is a community of friends, offering opportunities to explore the fullness of life through music, sports, animals, and countless other events. Families and friends gather together to LIVE fully, LEARN creatively , and GROW communally.

All while developing new bonds and

experiencing new joys.

Join Us

Opportunities abound all year long. Contact us! Follow us on social media! Join our events! Volunteer! Bring a friend! Donate! 

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