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Sponsor Levels

  • Stand By Me

    Every month
    Support a Stabijhoun Friend
    • Provide training and care for these special friends
    • Access to exclusive Sponsor Days!
    • Pictures and Updates of YOUR supported Stabij bringing joy!
  • Friesian Fabulous

    Every month
    Every Friesian Horse needs a Fabulous Friend!
    • Be a supporter of a magnificent Friesian Horse!
    • Access to exclusive sponsor days!
    • You will get updates on the horse you are helping to support
  • Friend of a Friend

    Every month
    Provide an opportunity for someone special
    • Help remove limits set by society.
    • Access to exclusive sponsor days!
    • Be the difference in someone's world!
  • Eventful Excitement

    Every month
    Keep the excitement moving along!
    • With your ongoing donation, sidelines are being eliminated!
    • Access to exclusive sponsor days!
    • You help us create new opportunities and grow community!
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