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A Golden Afternoon

"Nature's first green is gold," said the great American poet Robert Frost.


Well we certainly had a GOLDEN day on Saturday for our hayrides and cider and donuts!!! We enjoyed the brilliant sun and shimmering stately trees still decked with yellowing leaves, and stubbornly clinging to this glorious Michigan Fall!

Even the pastures, their grasses shrinking and fading toward winter, seem still to generate warmth as they are strewn serendipitously with a blanket of oak and maple leaves. This is the beautiful gift of "Indian summer," where the natural world gives us a final look over our shoulder at the past season, and all its carefree activities, before the cold bites our ears and noses.

The whole day radiated warmth and laughter--the joyous sounds and sights of a happy community. The horses were well fed the biggest carrots ever and apples so tart and juicy they dripped and foamed from the eager lips. And who could turn down the Post Family pumpkin spice donuts?!! What a great treat to compliment Danielle and her delicious Mon Chêrie Crêpes. But maybe best of all were the Stabijhoun pups zealously giving out their love, UNCONDITIONALLY to ALL....

....the perfect end to this NMS, Kent County 2023 season!


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