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A Whole Other Kind of Jazz (Part I)

We sure hated to do it, cancel all that great jazz on Monday night (August 14, 2023) but good thing we did! Raindrops began falling like pailfuls around 5 o'clock and the ground didn't know what to do with it. If you were not inside, or under some kind of shelter, you were surely soaked...and it lasted for hours, building its beat by bringing in the howling and gusting of the!!... nature's cacophony of power. Our crepe lady would surely have been blown away--tent, griddles, and all. And I can't eat even imagine how the bartenders would have safely stowed the precious bottles and kegs. We chose wisely indeed.

When the fury was over, the evening winding down and twilight coming on, the farm scene was beautiful. I could tell by the water in the barn buckets that we'd gotten at least 4 inches and it was still sprinkling. The air was cool and the clouds were so low, mere mists that I could almost touch as they raced to the West in a way I had never seen before. The grass was deepest greens and the horses blackest black. It was gentle and still as I took it all in, and the pleasant thought came to me that there had been a show after all--a glorious night of a whole other kind of Jazz.


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