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Run for the Roses

Derby Day is almost here!!!! We hope you are coming to the Friesian Farm to celebrate this historic event, celebrate No More Sidelines, and meet new friends. Our Friesian horses are not bred for the racetrack, but they share European roots like the Kentucky Derby, and all kinds of horses and horse lovers can participate in the excitement of a race well run!

The first race was held in May 1875, and was the brainchild of American adventurer William Clark (grandson of the Clark of "Lewis and Clark" fame). He designed the event to draw the attention of the city's most stylish residents, with the hope that the upscale crowd would invest their money and risk-takers of all social levels would come along for the ride, so to speak. Fancy hats, bowties, and the famed mint julep were the early theatrics that have become the enduring symbols of that early uncertain enterprise, where more often than not the unexpected happened. We all remember horses like Secretariat that broke many social barriers. Did you know that 13 of the 15 jockeys in that very first race were African-American?

Today the Derby is watched and celebrated in homes all across America, across the world, regardless of age or ethnicity, social status or wealth, or even knowledge the horses world. Americans rally and cheer for the beauty, grace, and speed of the steeds, the years of selective breeding and preserving of bloodlines, and the many hours of all weather, in all circumstances, and often against all odds.....simply to run their best in the "greatest two-minutes in sports."

Come join our celebration--of speed and skill; of community; of abilities, disabilities, and difficult odds; of the enrichment of us all when we share space for one bright afternoon.

And of sure to watch the race in Kentucky at 6:57pm, sharp!


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