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Summer Jazz on the Farm

If you were here Monday night, know this little farm was buzzin'!! Families, friends, food, and the fabulous sound of JAZZ! Neighbors heard it from blocks away and came runnin' to join the fun.

But it wasn't just the music stirring up joy in this lovely green space: it was the late-day summer sun on newly mowed pastures, the earthy smell of horses and the sight of beautiful Friesians; it was the soft breezes moving through the evergreens and maples, apple-juice trickling through fingers that fed greedy horses, and the giggles of children as they watched jets of root beer shooting into and well beyond any ice cream target.

The air on this farm was vibrating with sensory experiences Monday night, but beneath all the laughter and the riffs of the orchestra there was also to be heard the deep bass chord of outstanding generosity: wine stores, smokehouses, merchants and craftsmen of many kinds donated their skills and their goods to support this event and love their community. They used their voice to make people happy and to let ALL families know that whatever struggle may be on their path, they do not walk alone....and that's AMAZING music for EVERYONE'S ears.

Join us here on the Anema Friesian Farm for more sweet sounds:

August 14 and September 11, 2023.


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